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Private investors & institutions

National AIM's global client base is comprised of a dynamic group of private investors, families and institutions. Our bespoke approach to the responsible management of wealth has helped us to successfully navigate a series of market cycles. We continue to proactively adapt as market conditions change, ensuring that client investment outcomes remain in line with their expectations of us.

Who We Serve

Individuals – We work on a one-to-one level with private investors to establish long-term financial goals. After setting objectives, we create a series of strategic plans to optimize resources and work to create a life-long legacy.

Working in partnership with each client we seek to preserve the value of accumulated wealth, whilst providing exposure to wealth generation strategies in accordance with a client specific risk profile.

Small businesses – Our team works with small business owners to create personalized wealth management plans to factor in all personal and financial obligations, including maintaining the business and helping company employees to prepare for retirement.

Executives – Assisting high-net worth individual and executives in building a desired lifestyle fir their loved ones. Here at National AIM we understand the sophisticated needs of our high-profile clients as we seek to deliver a best-in-class wealth management service. Our professionals simplify the complexities often associated to the responsibilities that come with significant wealth as emphasis is placed on the consideration of tax efficiencies.

Families – We know the importance of growing and preserving wealth to pass on from one generation to the next. That is why at National AIM we provide multi-generational families with guidance when it comes to financial behaviours and long-term wealth preservation. What's more, our team can assist with the planning of wealth distribution between family members.

Alternative Investments

Gain access to institutional level investments alternative to those typically considered 'traditional'.

National AIM presents a number of alternative investment solutions for investors with a specific appetite for private equity and pre-ipo positions.

National AIM's alternative investment solutions deliver risk-adjusted exposure to asset-based, private equity, pre-market placements and real estate investment trusts.

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