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Protecting your personal information

National Alternative Investment Management (National AIM), together with our parent companies and subsidiaries, are dedicated to protecting your privacy. For the purposes of this policy, the 'data handler' (the organisation processing and controlling the client's information) is National AIM of 24/F One Island East, Taikoo Place, 18 Westlands Road, Quarry Bay, Hong Kong.

Information collected from clients

We may collect the following information from clients;

  • Information from forms filled out online by the client;
  • Information about website problems reported to us by the client;
  • Contact made with National AIM by the client;
  • Surveys completed by the client;
  • Details on visits to our website and resources accessed by the client.

Furthermore, National AIM may record, monitor and store any email, phone or other communication between a member or our team and the client.

Such information is recorded and monitored for the purposes of training, crime prevention and to improve the quality of our customer service. Such recordings are the property of National AIM and may be used as evidence in the instance of legal disputes.

IP addresses

National AIM may collect information about the client's computer such as the IP address, operating system and internet browser. This information allows us to report to our advertisers. However, this information is statistical and cannot be traced to the client.


National AIM - Hong Kong
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18 Westlands Road
Quarry Bay, Hong Kong
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National AIM - USA
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New York,
NY 10006
+1 646 741 0196
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This Website and the published content is presented by National Alternative Investment Management (National AIM). National AIM is authorised and regulated by The Commerce and Economic Development Bureau of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. National AIM is registered under company number 'Cr. 0391676'.

This Website and all information published on it is intended to provide information on the services available at National AIM. The content should not be interpreted as an offer to buy or sell or does not solicit an invitation to buy or sell investment securities and does not constitute investment advice or deliver bias on the merits and suitability of investment performance. Please note that the value of investments and the income derived from their performance may fluctuate. Investments may not hold their principle value and may return with less value than originally invested. Past performance is no guarantee of future performance. Currency movements may also have an effect on the value of overseas investments.

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