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What Is Value Investment Strategy

Value investment decisions do not speculate on short-term market movements. Your perspective should be long-term as you look to identify great businesses that have the ability to perform well through a number of market conditions. In answering the question - "What is value investment strategy?" - we will provide you with a deeper insight into what you should be looking for as you learn to become a successful value investor.

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National AIM Warns of Equity Market Bubbles in 2018

National AIM insists equity market valuations are precariously close to triggering the start of a global financial crisis. The New York and Hong Kong-based alternative investment management firm, has pointed towards a series of critical indicators that signal the potential for the collapse of an expanding equity market bubble during 2018.

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National AIM Remains Bullish on Alternative Investment Platform Driven by Active Management Style

National AIM Hong Kong prepares for a busy 2018 as investors increase exposure to its alternative investment management offering. The New York and Hong Kong-based alternative investment manager, reveals that both institutional and retail clients are optimistic about the future of its alternative investment platform as alternative asset allocations increase through the third quarter of 2017.

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Markets Responding to Crisis

One of the most common concerns we address for our clients is how to position their assets in anticipation of the next, inevitable global financial crisis. Making sure that capital allocation is sufficiently exposed during more stable economic times yet maintaining adequate levels of liquidity to facilitate defensive strategies is a finely balanced investment management practice.

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